Flexible tech for flexible working

Hybrid working might be a relatively new concept for many, but with Evolve2 75, it feels effortless. Our pioneering new dual foam technology maximizes both noise isolation and comfort, for outstanding productivity wherever you work. While the industry-leading call performance and re-engineered microphone boom arm keep you seemlessly connected all day, every day, wherever you feel like working from. Call from the kitchen table, dial in from the local cafe, or if the weather’s good, why not take your 3pm catch-up from the park? With Evolve2 75, you’re free to take your day however it suits you.

Stay focused and productive

Working from home can be challenging, especially with all the noise and interruptions, and Rayan sometimes finds it hard to stay focused and productive. But when he needs to tune out the noise, the Evolve2 85 offers instant immersion in his thoughts. With an ergonomic, comfortable over-ear design and custom 40mm speakers, he gets outstanding audio quality, while powerful Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) gives him an extra concentration boost when he needs it. And for those times when he really doesn’t want to be disturbed? His 360º busylight acts as a virtual security guard for his focus, warding off interruptions from all angles – from co-workers to noisy room-mates. And with a discreet hideaway boom arm, he gets the best of both worlds, with outstanding professional-grade call quality on communications platforms like Microsoft Teams and Zoom with the boom arm down, and the option to take calls on the go using his mobile (without looking like he’s working).

Music to concentrate

There are few things more distracting than background chatter, coffee machines, and lively Teams calls (that aren’t yours) when you’re trying to get into the zone. We’ve all experienced this feeling of powerlessness on the job. In a recent Jabra survey of 2,500 employees, nearly 80% said that noise and interruptions have a negative impact on their productivity. This frustration and stress can also take a toll on our mental and physical health. Fortunately, Jabra has the answer. We’ve teamed up with Restworks to create “Focus on Work,” a 90-minute music soundtrack to help improve concentration and escape the sounds of the open office.

Restworks is one of the world’s foremost experts in helping people relax, refresh and rejuvenate. Its renowned Sleep Cognition app helps users get to sleep faster, while sleeping longer and more soundly. Its enthusiastic fans include author J.K. Rowling and NBA star Roy Hibbert. Restworks also shares Jabra’s passion for achieving the right work environment for concentration.

Click on below image to listen to our Focus on Work soundtrack.

Personal video conferencing. Reinvented.

Staying connected while working flexibly? It can be a big ask. And video conferencing is becoming more and more important, as we seek to preserve those non-verbal cues and facial expressions that we miss when we’re off camera. But built-in capabilities are often lacking – and you (and your colleagues) deserve better than standard video. It’s time to experience the next generation of intelligent, secure, portable video collaboration.

PanaCast 20 is a premium personal video conferencing device that utilizes cutting-edge technology to deliver an experience that’s intelligent, powerful, and completely unique. It’s personal video conferencing, completely reinvented.”

Superheroes need sidekicks

Superheroes need sidekicks, and there’s no better sidekick for the Jabra PanaCast 20 than the Jabra Speak 750. This premium portable speakerphone is the perfect audio companion for your PanaCast 20, backing up the AI-powered 4K Ultra-HD picture quality with seamless, 2-way, professional-grade audio. Whichever way you look at it, PanaCast 20 and Speak 750 are a force to be reckoned with.

A guide to flexible working

It can be difficult to stay productive when you’re working from home. But there are some simple things you can do to ensure you stay productive, focused, and – most importantly – healthy, when you’re considering your work-from-home setup.

Have you got a dedicated work space? And have you set it up to feel welcoming and relaxing? Do you make sure you carve time out for breaks? Have you got a morning routine? Are you good at maintaining the boundaries between work and play? Do you make sure you get dressed every morning before starting work?

Paul Sephton and guest, Dr. Michael Leiter, cover all this and more in this episode of the Soundbar podcast.

Listen to the podcast

Jabra brings school to students

Students can find it hard to stay engaged and focused at the best of times. Drink breaks, toilet breaks, and general mind wandering are all even more tempting when they’re not physically present in a classroom. Thankfully, the Jabra Evolve Series of headsets offer unrivaled professional-grade call quality, so they can be present and engaged, and there’s nothing standing in the way of their learning. Well, at least not on the technology side of things…

Premium Portable Collaboration

Flexible working can sometimes mean dialing into meetings from almost anywhere – the train, the breakfast table, even the local coffee shop. But with PanaCast 20, you’re only ever seconds away from seamless, intelligent, high-quality video collaboration, no matter where you are.

This clever little camera is uniquely engineered to be truly portable, with a compact and intuitive design that easily slots over the top of any screen. Oh, and it’s also plug-and-play and works with all leading UC platforms.

From the café, to the co-working space, to the kitchen table. Great video meetings can now happen literally anywhere.

A flexible working dream come true

Incredible audio quality, outstanding concentration, and world-leading call quality, with a cappucino and a pastry while you sit in your favorite cosy (but noisy) cafe? You’re not dreaming, you’re just discovering the benefits of Evolve2 85.

This advanced headset has 40mm custom speakers for truly exceptional audio quality, while the powerful Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) helps you drown out even more background noise when you need a concentration boost. And with a discreet hideaway boom arm, you get both the outstanding professional-grade call quality you need on communications platforms like Microsoft Teams and Zoom, and the freedom to take calls on the go using your mobile (without looking like you’re working).

Go on, pinch yourself, we promise it’s real.

From the first call to the last track

In the past, to have a good sound quality and professional call, you had to find a very quiet place. But who wants to stay glued to a desk all day?

Jabra Evolve 75e is perfect for all you go-getters who never seem to stay in one spot for longer than a few minutes, but need to stay connected wherever you are. These around-the-neck earbuds come with UC-certification so you can experience expert call quality from your computer or laptop, with an all-day battery life that keeps you fully charged and ready for anything. They’ve even got Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), so you can take your focus with you wherever you go.

They might never catch you at your desk, but with Evolve 75e, at least they can always reach you.


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