Because first impressions are everything

Ready to give the world a warm welcome as soon as she’s connected, Julia needs a headset that multi-tasks as well as she does. The Jabra Engage range delivers with effortless efficiency and all day comfort that’s essential for a busy day on the move. With a wearer-friendly lightweight design, the Engage Series gives crystal-clear call quality whilst connecting to all of her devices. And constant contact means she’ll never miss a call.

Jabra Engage 65 & Engage 75

Exceeding expectations for your customers and your team

Enjoy greater freedom and flexibility, whether your style’s more desk-bound or walk-around, with the industry-leading Jabra Engage Series. Delivering superior solutions to help keep you connected, Engage headsets are available in a variety of holding styles, linking multiple devices with ease. Impressive wireless range offers maximum mobility and versatility.


Open places and shared spaces

Personal space in your co-working place

When David needs to meet the changing demands of a busy day, the Jabra Evolve2 40 is the perfect solution. The outstanding audio and advanced noise-isolating design provide premium call quality, with an integrated busylight to keep colleagues at bay when he needs some space. He can choose from USB-A or USB-C connection for an easy set-up with no complicated installation, while plug-and-play functionality guarantees he can hit the ground running every time.

Jabra Evolve2 30

Power up your productivity and fuel your focus

Get your head in the game with Jabra Evolve2 30. Developed to keep you concentrating and collaborating all day, the lightweight, portable design has been ergonomically engineered to deliver superior sound. Enjoy maximum comfort with soft memory foam ear cushions, and increased durability with a reinforced steel headband and slider. 28mm speakers and two built-in microphones guarantee great sound and excellent call quality, so you can stay fully focused on the task at hand.

Work anywhere

Make the world your office

Joanne’s daily desk-hopping just got easier with the Jabra Evolve 75. Superb noise suppression and Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) melts away any background chatter to make every space her own, while dual computer and cell phone connection guarantee she’s always contactable, effortlessly taking crucial calls whether she’s in a hallway or at a hot desk. Enhanced 18-hour battery life and comfortable cushioning ensure easy all-day use, with an intuitive button design to smoothly switch from call-to-call.

Busy open office

Hear yourself think. Next-level concentration anywhere.

When John needs to tune out the noise, the Evolve2 85 offers instant immersion in his thoughts (or focus-enhancing music). The innovative design and powerful speakers deliver excellent audio quality, while Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) gives him a further concentration boost when he needs it. If John really doesn’t want to be disturbed, the 360º busylight acts as a protective barrier to ward off interruptions from all angles. If he needs a quick chat with a co-worker, HearThrough lets him do it without taking off his headset, while the discreet hideaway boom arm gives him both the outstanding professional-grade call quality he needs on communications platforms like Microsoft Teams and Zoom, and the freedom to take calls on the go using his mobile (without looking like he’s wearing an office headset).

Microsoft Teams-certified headsets

Enjoy clear communication and better collaboration with the dedicated Teams button on Evolve2 headsets

A real team effort; the Jabra Evolve2 Microsoft Teams-certified headsets are the result of an outstanding collaboration with Microsoft, delivering an innovative, professional experience. Adhering to strict Microsoft audio standards, a Teams-certified Evolve2 headset guarantees rich sound quality and a smooth collaboration experience. Enjoy a conversation that flows like you’re right next to your colleague, with sidetone support allowing you to self-regulate your voice and volume, and noise suppression on your outgoing audio to limit unwanted background chatter. Excellent audio distortion reduction, echo reduction and latency guidelines ensure an altogether more natural-sounding experience. Connect to Teams to enjoy all of the professional benefits – there’s plug-and-play compatibility to instantly get going, and easy call function control so you can answer, reject and mute calls. There’s even a dedicated Teams button – just tap to join meetings, check your calls and listen to voicemails.

Jabra Noise Guide

Instantly improve your office acoustics

Open plan offices; perfect for group interaction and teamwork, not so perfect for quiet solo concentration. Over 35% of office workers are bothered by co-worker conversations, and admit they sometimes find focus a struggle. The Jabra Noise Guide has been created to bring surrounding audio to a more manageable volume, and help you understand the impact noise levels have on your work. Fully portable, this innovative little device identifies the noisiest areas in your workplace, empowering you to make changes that’ll improve both the noise levels in your offices, and your team’s productivity. Win win.

Open space

It’s time to make your working space work for you, with Jabra Evolve2 65. Offering a premium professional experience, this outstanding headset delivers exceptional audio performance and enhanced call quality, with background noise isolation reducing unwanted sound during calls by 23%. Feel free to roam the office and take calls from any location, with a 37-hour battery life and wireless Bluetooth connectivity to all your devices. And thanks to our biometric design, you can call in comfort, with soft memory foam ear cushions that mold to your ears’ natural contours. Turn on the 360° busylight to alert colleagues that you’re unavailable, on a call, or just need a moment of calm in the middle of the chaos.

Jabra Link 950

Smooth the transition from deskphone to softphone

Be future-ready and fully functional with the Jabra Link 950. Seamlessly transitioning your business from old school to new tech, our discreet device links USB headsets to both deskphones and computers, with USB- A or USB-C compatibility. Simplified call management makes life even easier, so you can switch between devices at the touch of a button. Get the whole office onboard and connect a wide range of USB headsets at once for a tailor-made solution to suit your individual business needs.

Jabra Engage 75

Engineered for unbeatable wireless performance

Enjoy industry-leading innovation with Jabra Engage 75. Designed to keep the customer satisfied, this lightweight solution brings premium wireless performance and crystal clear microphone quality together with long talk time and simultaneous connection to up to five devices. While embedded intelligence analyzes call data to deliver a masterclass in professionalism at all times.

Jabra Engage 50

Feel the force with the most powerful wired headset on the market

For a professional experience at full power, our Jabra Engage 50 headset has a host of special features, helping modern businesses face the future with ease. Developed specifically for softphone environments, the Engage 50 has a unique system of intelligent microphones with built-in noise cancellation, to cut down on ambient sound and breathing noises. Customizable LEDs helpfully update the team on your status, keeping you fully focused and uninterrupted for optimum productivity, while live guidance and data analysis offer outstanding functionality for the ultimate in future-proof communication.

IT Manager

Software solutions for everyone

Effective, efficient and easy to use, Jabra Xpress is a web-based solution designed to help IT managers handle busy teams, both nearby and at a distance. With remote software and firmware deployment, even headset setting updates and firmware upgrades can be carried out from afar. Offering simple solutions to safely and securely boost your business, Xpress comes with free headset analysis and management tools as standard.

As well as this, your team can enjoy bonus benefits with Jabra Direct, our free PC software for headset setup and management, and Jabra Sound+, our exclusive mobile app that enables them to customize and personalize their headsets’ settings.

Flexible mobility

Crystal-clear, commuter-friendly communication

Why choose between professional quality and maximum mobility? Jabra Evolve 65e is perfect for on-the-go employees who need to stay connected wherever they are. These around-the-neck earbuds come with UC-certification so you can experience expert call quality from your computer or laptop, with a one-day battery life meaning you’re always fully charged and ready to go. And you can easily personalize and customize your audio settings with the Jabra Sound+ app.


Engineered for excellence, designed for you

We are Jabra; a world-renowned audio and video brand, engineering intelligent, intuitive technology. Part of the GN Group, we are proud industry leaders, regularly delivering world-firsts in audio technology for over 150 years. We were the first to lay telegraph cables between Europe and Asia, the first to create ultra noise-cancelling microphones, and the first to integrate an in-ear heart rate monitor into sports earbuds. We’re the only company in the world with consumer, professional and medical-grade sound expertise, all under one roof. We create intelligent headsets and communications tools to help professionals work productively. We engineer wireless headphones and earbuds so people can enjoy better calls, music, and media. And we craft pioneering video conferencing solutions for better, more inclusive meetings (wherever you’re working from).

Jabra & Zoom Phone

Cloud telephony solution designed for the Zoom platform


An all-in-one app for phone, video, meetings and chat Easily make and receive calls, share content, participate in video meetings and send chat messages from Zoom desktop and mobile apps. Easily turn your Zoom Phone calls into a Zoom meeting without requiring participants to hang up and join a separate conference bridge. Zoom headset certification ensures rich audio quality, a smooth collaborative experience, and adherence to the strict standards set by Zoom.

Jabra PanaCast & Speak

Connect from anywhere

With the right tech, you can host a meeting wherever you are. From the home office to the huddle room, Panacast keeps you connected. Simply connect Panacast & a Speak speakerphone to your laptop and you’re good to go – anywhere and everywhere you like.

Jabra PanaCast 50

Engineered to be the world’s first new-normal-ready intelligent video bar

Remote-working might be the new normal, but that doesn’t mean it has to feel distant. Our next-level audio and video quality keeps you more connected than ever, with superior software that can react in real-time, to keep the conversation (and ideas) flowing. We’ve combined industry-leading professional audio with the most cutting-edge and innovative 180° video technology on the market. Our ultra-advanced system architecture and on-device AI ensure everyone can have their say, while unique intelligence-driven features allow you even more control. PanaCast 50 gives you the power to put safe, socially-distanced meetings back on the table, as you begin your return to the office.


The old-school goes digital

You can’t beat a classic, which is why we’ve given the whiteboard a modern-day makeover. Our intuitive whiteboard streaming technology brings this traditional collaboration tool bang up-to-date. Work through ideas as you have them and easily brain-storm with your team when they’re not just in different area codes, but different time zones, too. Once you’ve set up in Jabra Direct, it’s simple to live stream and enhance your content as you create it, with full whiteboard visibility, even if it’s angled sharply away from the camera. And, unlike other brands, this feature is built-in and powered by our 180º field of view, so you won’t need to worry about shelling out for a separate whiteboard camera.


Engaging. Immersive. Human.

Virtual Director automatically adjusts the frame to follow who’s talking, using AI-based video and audio streams – along with our custom-designed intelligent algorithms – to pick up and follow the conversation as it happens. Using our advanced AI technology to understand who’s talking and where they are, this intelligent software perfectly frames active speakers without awkwardly cutting off the people around them. The result is a fully immersive and interactive ‘in-room’ experience, wherever you dial in from.


This is a safe space.


Playing by the rules is easy with our intuitive software. Using intelligent algorithms, PanaCast 50 can give you an instant anonymized head count of how many people are in the room at any given time, sending you (and whoever’s in the meeting) instant notifications, whenever your customized guidelines are breached. Always on, this clever software works without a computer connection, so it’ll even catch those “let’s just grab this empty room” chats.

Jabra & HP collaboration solution

Collaboration at the touch of a button: intuitive, fast and seamless

Experience superior quality video conferencing, with the intuitive plug-and-play setup of the HP Slice G2 and Jabra PanaCast. PanaCast delivers an intelligent, responsive 180º field of view in Panoramic-4K, making socially-distanced collaboration seamless and simple. This clever device completely captures the entire room from wall to wall, so nobody is left out of the picture, however far apart they sit. The HP bundle includes a certified Microsoft Teams component – as well as full compatibility with all leading communication platforms – so teams can enjoy fuss-free communication and instant, easy connection as standard.

Jabra PanaCast

Engineered to be the world’s first intelligent 180° Panoramic-4K plug-and-play video solution.

With Jabra PanaCast – the world’s first intelligent Panoramic-4K video solution – incredible video meetings are an everyday reality. PanaCast uses patented technology and three integrated cameras to deliver a full 180° view of the room, even in smaller rooms. The result? There’s no need to huddle in, when you want to huddle up.

Maintain a safe space

When you’re having a video call with your team, things can sometimes get pretty cosy. Even if there’s only three of you, your camera needs to cover a width of at least 12 feet if you want to maintain a safe distance from each other. Thankfully, with PanaCast’s intelligent 180° field of view, you can relax. Wall-to-wall coverage means there’s no need to get up close and personal.

Tech that knows what you need

Intelligent Zoom automatically includes everyone in the frame in the optimum way, while Vivid HDR ensures the best video experience, even in varying lighting conditions.

Variety is the spice of life

PanaCast is compatible with all leading video and audio-conferencing solutions, and certified for use with Microsoft Teams. It also works with Zoom, Cisco Webex and many more.

Better data makes for better management

When you’ve got lots of meeting rooms to manage, it’s much easier when you know how they’re being used. Room Insights utilizes PanaCast’s unique data capture abilities to manage all your meeting rooms remotely. Using data from PeopleCount – our pioneering feature which uses the camera’s 180° field of view to anonymously count the number of people present in a room – you can keep track of your spaces without ever leaving the comfort of your office chair.

Speak 750 with Kensington & Targus

Stay connected securely with Speak, Kensington and Targus

Once you’ve seen how seamless high-quailty collaboration can be with PanaCast and Speak 750, you won’t want to go back. So make sure you keep your new devices safe with the Kensington Lock Adapter. And if you’re fed up of tripping over loose wires? You can also minimize your cable management with the Targus dock.

ErardPro camera mount for Jabra PanaCast

Above your screen? Below your screen? Either works.

This handy mount comes with bars included, making it fully compatible with all VESA-compliant displays.

Jabra & Barco collaboration solution

Experience superior collaboration with wireless meetings from Jabra and Barco Clickshare.

With Barco ClickShare, the meeting is wherever you are. This innovative approach to wireless communication makes hosting your own video-conference super-simple. Combining powerful remote connection with easy-to-use wireless collaboration, this ultra-flexible solution lets you call a meeting wherever and whenever you want. With Barco ClickShare Conference, users can connect to Jabra PanaCast and Speak wirelessly in an instant – using their own device and preferred video conferencing service. The result is an immersive video conferencing experience that’s so fast and easy, it almost sounds too good to be true. It’s not though; your teams really can click, conference and collaborate in under 7 seconds using the secure, connected and cloud-managed Barco ClickShare solution.

Jabra & Zoom

Virtual meetings that are larger than life


Instantly bring your meetings into laser-sharp focus, with the combined power of Zoom’s Enterprise video-conferencing solution and innovative Jabra audio and video solutions.

With three 13-megapixel cameras and its unique 180° fielf of view, Jabra PanaCast lets you see the full picture, delivering full-room coverage in superb high definition. And with the outstanding 2-way audio of Speak 750, every word is crystal-clear too.

Zoom-certified to guarantee a seamless connection, Jabra’s audio and video solutions deliver fully interactive communication, keeping your meetings on time and on point, with no interruptions. It’s easy to get your colleagues involved too: share documents, videos or music and use Zoom’s polling, Q&A and hands-on features for next-level engagement.

Jabra & Crestron collaboration solution

Customize your conference room

Customize your conference room, with the Crestron Flex UC-C100-Z system. Designed to use with Zoom Rooms software and PanaCast 50, it supports a single video display and features a 10.1 in. touch screen. Crestron offers Enterprise-Grade Security via Crestron Flex and Easy provisioning and device management via the XiO Cloud Service.


This is a safe space.


Playing by the rules is easy with our intuitive software. Using intelligent algorithms, PanaCast 50 can give you an instant anonymized head count of how many people are in the room at any given time, sending you (and whoever’s in the meeting) instant notifications, whenever your customized guidelines are breached. Always on, this clever software works without a computer connection, so it’ll even catch those “let’s just grab this empty room” chats.

Jabra & Lenovo collaboration solution

Simplify meetings and maximize productivity

Experience a new and improved way to work, with Jabra PanaCast and Lenovo ThinkSmart Hub 500. With a touchscreen display, 180º Panoramic-4K camera and powerful ZOOM software, it’s easy to follow your own agenda and really take charge of your meetings.

Jabra in training rooms

Discover a new way to teach

Training and teaching has undergone a huge transformation over recent months, with most learning now taking place either remotely, or in a hybrid set up. But that doesn’t mean educators have to stand still – both figuratively and literally.

Jabra PanaCast delivers a 180º wall-to-wall view of the training room, while Speak 750 offers seamless 2-way audio. This gives trainers and teachers the freedom to move around easily while they teach – demonstrating a point, making notes on a whiteboard, or even just walking and talking – without worrying about whether they’re being seen and heard. Depending on individual requirements, PanaCast can be installed in a wide variety of different settings, or mounted on a tripod for even greater flexibility.


Bringing the whiteboard back into the picture

Our intuitive new Whiteboard Sharing feature utilizes our unique 180° field of view to share content from up to three whiteboards digitally. You can toggle easily between them via a simple, free setup in the Jabra Vision app, making PanaCast the most flexible content-sharing camera on the market. This pioneering software uses advanced technology to capture your whiteboard content in real time, from any position in the room, displaying it clearly within your meeting for everyone to see.

Jabra & Zoom Rooms

Get everyone involved, with Jabra PanaCast 50 & Zoom Rooms

To deliver our fully integrated Zoom Rooms experience, we’ve worked closely with Zoom to optimize our audio and video solutions, for guaranteed seamless connection and outstanding communication quality. Easy to install, you can use Jabra PanaCast with any existing Zoom Rooms solution, or any other hardware that supports Zoom Rooms, to get the whole team together while still keeping a safe distance. With three 13-megapixel cameras and our patented real-time video stitching technology, Jabra PanaCast gives you wall-to-wall coverage of the room in crisp high definition, to really take your Zoom meetings to another level.


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